11:50pm on Day 21

Has this really just happened? It’s over so fast. I can honestly say there was not a day where I wanted to give up. Even when I was having meltdowns over minute things at work and even when it was 2am and I’m sitting on my bed crying. I thought about food a lot! But... Continue Reading →


Just a sip! Just a sip!

Oh how I yearn for a double-shot-flat-white-no-sugar! I see people at other tables drinking their deliciously milky coffees and I am incredibly jealous. Jealousy isn't something I feel very often. Not only because I have a great life (winky wink positive affirmation works people!) but also because I have confidence that my life is what... Continue Reading →

A Chapter Reread (this gets serious!)

People come and go from our lives all the time. Some become sentences, paragraphs, or scribbles in the margin. Others become pages, volumes, or chapters. There is a chapter in my life that I will never forget. He was my best friend for a time and a sublime companion when I didn’t even know I... Continue Reading →

I’ve Been Reduced to Eating Baby Food

I’m out and about for work and once again I am out of (plus incredibly sick of) my go-to fast-friendly snackolas. Baby food will be my treat and I'm a little light headed today so I'll accept some slack please and thank you. The ingredients list is literally apple purée, blueberries and strawberries. If it's... Continue Reading →

Sick Day Sick Day Sick Day

Last night I coughed so consistently that I couldn’t even drift off to sleep. My poor flatmates were also disturbed almost the entire night by my hacking. It got to the point where I was so frustrated and so tired that I sat up in bed and sobbed and coughed and sobbed. I think it... Continue Reading →

I Make Excuses in This Post

For breakfast today I made scrambled eggs with almond milk and I-kid-you-not it tasted like chicken. This is a very strange thought considering eggs are pretty much chicken period. And now I’ve totally grossed myself out. Last night was the Pride Parade in Ponsonby so since I live nearby a couple of us went to... Continue Reading →

Light at the End of the Tunnel.

This morning began with a memorial service for my Mum’s first ballet teacher. We would see Julie Barker (Miss Barker to me) whenever we went to the ballet, at the Sir John Logan Campbell ballet awards, and at various competitions during the year. She was my Mum’s inspiration to become a dance teacher and always... Continue Reading →

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