In the Beginning…

Before you begin reading you will need some context. Hi my name is ____ (should I be introducing myself? Are any of you going to steal my identity? You may want to after reading about my kickass life). I’m in my early 20s and I’m doing a Daniel Fast.

FAST verb: to abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink.

While my 21 day fast is inspired by the Daniel Fast, it isn’t 100% historically accurate.

I will not eat:

  • Meat
  • Dairy
  • Sugar – or other sweeteners
  • Gluten
  • Bread (even the GF stuff)
  • Refined and processed food products (Dear Lord please let me have corn thins)

I’m also not supposed to be drinking coffee or black tea but you can read about my decision around this on day 2.

Why am I doing this, you ask? Well, thankfully I’ve never struggled with my weight. I got a little bit pudgy when I stopped doing ballet 7 days a week but then I grew taller so it all balanced out. I’ve also never been particularly unhealthy, nor have I been diagnosed with any diseases or conditions. This isn’t a food or health-nut blog.

I am doing this for religious reasons. No, I’m not going to bible bash you. I just felt if I didn’t say this in the first post then I’m completely undermining the whole thing and blatantly lying to every person who reads this. I can’t force you to understand, nor can I force you to see why this is so important to me. But I do need you to have an open mind; I ask you to not judge, condemn or stereotype a person when they share their religion. Our world has seen religious persecution century after century and even in my very short and sheltered life I’ve been mistreated based on my beliefs. However, this isn’t a religious or spiritual blog.

Removing something from your life leaves room for new things. This fast has already installed a sense of purpose back into my life. I see my priorities lined up more clearly and I’m getting excited about the passions I thought were long gone.

Sacrifice is also a big part of this. I think its healthy to practise resistance and stretch your body and mind. What I’m not a fan of is this whole stick and carrot mentality. Sacrifice shouldn’t be all about getting a reward; nor should leading a spiritual life. There are other reasons for sacrifice e.g. love for your body, love for a deity, love for another human, and of course to burn young virgins (I joke, I joke). 

Read on for a full account of the next 21 days of my life.


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