Autocannibalistic Roadtrip

Today was a massive day – work wise. And after a big weekend (I kind of had a party by accident) my brain and body are shattered.

Knowing that last night was my last normal meal you’d think I would go all out right? Maybe have a steak or something to pump my body with iron and protein before I embark on my very limited diet?? Oh no. For my fabulous final meal I had 3 dumplings. They were delicious but small. I’m an idiot, lets move on.

I had to drive 2hrs north of Auckland (represent!) and before I reached half way I realised I was not taking in a single word of the podcast I was listening to, and the small yellow car I was following had been going under 80kms for who knows how long.

My brain was asleep. The half finished kumara and bean salad in my glove box was yummy for the first few bites but the thought of putting another slimy bean into my mouth made me want to swerve off the road. Perhaps I’m just tired and irritable. Perhaps I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. ** see what I did there?? ** Anyway, it can’t be the food making me like this because I’ve been fasting for less than 24hrs.

And to top it all off, I chewed a cut in my lip and now its all split and sore. I’ve noticed I do this when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I’m an autocannibalistic lip eater.



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