A Polite “No”

Today is a good day. I’m rested and feeling holier-than-thou with my fresh and fabulous lifestyle.

I’m reclaiming the wonderful word ‘no’, often followed by ‘thank you’. And when people ask me why, I say, ‘For religious reasons’, and they generally just give me a toothless smile and a few nods.

I work in sales for a beverage company and it is  l i t e r a l l y  my job to go in and out of cafes all day. My customers love me (shameless boast) so there are many places where I feel rude if I don’t accept a free coffee or muffin. All is well so far. I have emergency almonds in my car.

But today I must call on a specialty indian cafe and bakery where the people are dangerously lovely. I can never leave without a decadent piece of black forrest cake or a fiery tandoori chicken pie being thrust in my hands. Today was no different.

So long story short: my car smells delicious. I’ve been inhaling curry and pastry fumes, but this lovely treat is on its way to my workmate’s desk. I saw a crumb drop on the seat and I DID NOT eat it. Are you proud of me Mum?

Still don’t have crazy cravings nor am I ravenously hungry. Although, people on instagram and snapchat need to majorly reduce their food posts. K thanks.

Instagram post c.2014 at amazing Auckland eatery, Depot, on Federal St. Very close to the aforementioned Indian cafe and bakery.

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