Hungry Hungry Hippo

I left the office for way longer than expected. As a result, I didn’t have my afternoon snacks with me! I will never make that mistake again.

Being stranded and hungry as a hippo I stopped at the nearest supermarket. I grabbed some fruit, a new razor (yay me), and loitered for a long time around the aioli searching desperately for a sugar-free and gluten free option – this does not exist and I’m still dark about it.

Then I did a naughty thing. I wandered into the chip isle. Did you know there is an assortment of gluten free and sugar free chips? It’s glorious. But something in me pricked up and I knew it was cheating. I really shouldn’t be having processed or deep fried foods even if chips are my one true love.

So I reached down for some Proper kumara chips; chipotle and garlic flavour. Boy, do those sound delicious! They have sugar in them but they’re kumara rather than potato, and they’re marketed as healthy. I made it as far the the end of the isle before I did a 180 and put them back on the shelf.

I won’t do it. Not today. Not for another 12 days.



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