My Date on Struggle Street

I went on a date tonight! But earlier in the day I was dwelling on struggle street.

You know when you have multiple documents open on a computer and they stagger themselves if they’re part of the same application or program? Well, today I was drafting an email and I kept forgetting all the details that I needed so I had other emails open as a reference.

After checking one previous email I wanted to return to my draft but I couldn’t find it  a n y w h e r e . And this small annoyance actually made my eyes well up because I was so incredibly frustrated and boarder-line starving to death.

Never in my life have I eaten so much food and felt no change in the emptiness of my stomach. It was around 4pm and I’m sitting there eating an entire capsicum, a plum, half a packet of corn thins and mouthful after mouthful of hummus.

Nothing was working. Just call me a goose, send me to France, and shove a tube down my throat to make great foie gras.

Now onto what you really want to read about:

Is it weird that I’ve been on 2 dates since starting this fast? The first was kind of an accidental date…I was essentially on a double date but two of us were chaperoning another potential couple and I was unaware that it was a date between myself and my fellow chaperone until halfway through.

My second “date” was tonight. Just a few minutes ago actually. I was super nervous because I didn’t really know him that well plus I was super worried that we wouldn’t get along as well in person as we did on messenger. I feel like this is a common issue in the 21st century dating world. Some people are awesome in a message but boring or self absorbed in person.

So back to my date. Firstly, he’s attractive in person (always a good thing). Secondly, we got along like a house on fire (and not just because I’m a talented conversation maker).

I’m a few wines deep and I don’t want to type anything I’ll regret, so I’m going to stop right here.

Photo not taken on the date – that would be reeeaaaally weird 

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