No pens were lost today

I am winning!

Fridays are usually pretty great but today was particularly good because I had zero meltdowns and felt a heck of a lot less hungry.

Last night I made a vegan Saagwala curry. So many beautiful flavours in this dish, which was suggested to me by a friend who has rather good taste.

It was such a pity that I put in twice the amount of spice the recipe called for and was unable to enjoy it. I added half a can of coconut milk which made it bearable but I still managed to set my mouth and stomach on fire.

I used a lot of ingredients (many I purchased especially for this), a lot of dishes, and a decent amount of time on this dish. Call me cheap but there is no way I am wasting it.

Regardless of the fact that it literally hurts to eat, I will eat this for as long as it lasts….

And I forgot to take a photo…whoops


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