I Make Excuses in This Post

For breakfast today I made scrambled eggs with almond milk and I-kid-you-not it tasted like chicken. This is a very strange thought considering eggs are pretty much chicken period. And now I’ve totally grossed myself out.

Last night was the Pride Parade in Ponsonby so since I live nearby a couple of us went to check it out. Such a great time! Glitter was thrown around and a multitude of tequila was consumed.

Most people who do this fast won’t drink at all; I really shouldn’t. Alcohol can take away from the point of the fast (which is to focus on your spiritual life). I have no excuse for drinking. However, I am trying to drink ‘clean’ drinks e.g. vodka soda, whisky on the rocks etc.

Its not like I can’t stop drinking. I did Dry July once! It wasn’t easy, but I did it. I even went on heaps of nights out without consuming a single drop of alcohol. The bartenders were all so nice and hardly ever charged me for the Coca-Cola I so desperately needed to stay awake.

Is it weird that I’ve done Dry July and now I’m doing this? If I recall, the reason I did Dry July was because I wanted to prove that I could. These 21 days are kind of similar. I love proving to myself that I can cut things out of my life if I need to.

Its probably because I’m afraid of getting morbidly obese and not having the willpower to rectify that situation.


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