Light at the End of the Tunnel.

This morning began with a memorial service for my Mum’s first ballet teacher. We would see Julie Barker (Miss Barker to me) whenever we went to the ballet, at the Sir John Logan Campbell ballet awards, and at various competitions during the year. She was my Mum’s inspiration to become a dance teacher and always took an interest in my ballet life.

The whole morning did go on a little long and by the end I was struggling with a lack of blood sugar – I am a fainter.

Home for a banana and I was ready to roll on to lunch with the boy from day 10. Strangest but most fun lunch date I’ve ever been on. Getting to know new people is the best; finding out someone is so freakishly similar to yourself is even better. I get the feeling we are both on the slightly weirder side of normal.

Is it bad that I love being wined and dined? I don’t feel guilty and I’m not sure if I should. I never expect it or demand it but guys seem to love asking me out and they never let me pay. Maybe I just come across really well over message and on first impressions? 



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