An Army of Invaders Has Taken Over My Body!

I am sick. This is so unfair and I’ll tell ya why.

Its Summer over here in Auckland, New Zealand/Aotearoa. People are not supposed to fall ill in Summer. In Winter I can accept it because sick days are lovely when its cold out and you’re all cuddly and warm inside.

Yes, I know bugs still surround us in Summer but our bodies usually have a nice way of preventing them taking over! I feel like far more people than usual have been sick lately and now I may join their club.

I am not the person you want to get sick. Let me paint you this picture: I will now harass Dr Google for hours on all the herbal ways to heal myself, I’ll complain to anyone and everyone and I’ll demand that my mother looks after me.

Mum? Can you return my calls and texts please?



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