A Chapter Reread (this gets serious!)


People come and go from our lives all the time. Some become sentences, paragraphs, or scribbles in the margin. Others become pages, volumes, or chapters.

There is a chapter in my life that I will never forget. He was my best friend for a time and a sublime companion when I didn’t even know I need one.

The most wonderful thing was his way of challenging me; he would question every fact, every belief, every thought I had and force me to take total responsibility for the person I was.

He saw straight through me and I couldn’t get away with anything.

I could see the story being written. But it was a counterfeit. There are many people in your life who you could be with, but most of them will be counterfeits.

I still remember the moment it all came crashing down; the smell of old spice, the blazing sun piercing through the trees and the way I tried to speak through my hot tears.

Part of me hates writing this; another part is so glad I got to experience this in wonderful technicolour.

He will always claim innocence and hey, maybe being close to someone can make you blind. But I’ll never understand how such an intelligent holier-than-thou human can fail to notice how they manipulated a young, ignorant creature. 

Now he is linking his story with someone else forever and ever. The timing is right, the leading lady is a perfect fit, and I am so far and free that he cannot reach me. I wish their story all the happiness in the world.Let it be everything their hearts desire.

Let me continue to write my own.




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