11:50pm on Day 21

Has this really just happened? It’s over so fast.

I can honestly say there was not a day where I wanted to give up. Even when I was having meltdowns over minute things at work and even when it was 2am and I’m sitting on my bed crying.

I thought about food a lot! But all through this journey I have had this unwavering drive to get to that finish line.

I did not come off unscathed; we all remember the frustration in days 8-11, the dinners out where I probably ate gluten and sugar, plus the 2 bags of chips (GF + sugar free, however still making me feel guilty) that I heartily consumed in the past few days.

Am I glad I did it? Yes! A thousand times, yes! Through all the food related hardship I have had a wonderful 21 days.

Plans for tomorrow? A flat white STAT, sweet and sour pork on rice for lunch and beautiful starchy Italian food for dinner (with the boy from Day 10!)


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