No pens were lost today

I am winning! Fridays are usually pretty great but today was particularly good because I had zero meltdowns and felt a heck of a lot less hungry. Last night I made a vegan Saagwala curry. So many beautiful flavours in this dish, which was suggested to me by a friend who has rather good taste.... Continue Reading →


The Brick Wall

I am having regular meltdowns over next to nothing. Today it was the traffic lights changing too fast. Tomorrow? Probably losing a pen. I think I’m going insane. From about 3pm-5:30pm I’m an absolute mess. Sometimes its hunger related, other times its this general discomfort. I find myself walking down the street with a furrowed... Continue Reading →

My Date on Struggle Street

I went on a date tonight! But earlier in the day I was dwelling on struggle street. You know when you have multiple documents open on a computer and they stagger themselves if they're part of the same application or program? Well, today I was drafting an email and I kept forgetting all the details... Continue Reading →

Don’t Look At Me. I’m Hungry.

I have massively underestimated how much I need to eat. It's been days since I felt full and I am so sick of this empty feeling! My friends, vegan and attempted vegan, have told me that I need to consume a greater quantity of food because what I'm eating will give me less energy than I'm... Continue Reading →

Hungry Hungry Hippo

I left the office for way longer than expected. As a result, I didn't have my afternoon snacks with me! I will never make that mistake again. Being stranded and hungry as a hippo I stopped at the nearest supermarket. I grabbed some fruit, a new razor (yay me), and loitered for a long time... Continue Reading →

Progress Tastes Salty

There's a fire in my belly that I haven’t felt in a while. I finally have drive and focus back in my life. For the past 4, or even 5 months, I've been struggling to achieve! achieve! achieve! I’m usually at my best when I have a full plate but sometimes my eyes are bigger... Continue Reading →

Here, You Can Eat My Garnish

It’s Saturday morning. On Saturday mornings lazy people sleep in. Lazy people who rue the day they plan anything before midday, will sleep in. I am one of these people. However, this Saturday morning I was rudely awoken by cramp biting down on both my calves. It had me sitting bolt upright and wide awake... Continue Reading →

Double Dateos

Tonight marks my first time eating out on the fast. All my research about safe eating as a gluten-free vegan points toward Asian food as one of the most reliable menu options. Thankfully, this is one of my all time favourite cultures to cook and eat. The tricky thing will be sugar. Myself and some... Continue Reading →

Single Serve Singleton

The hunger and dissatisfaction has begun. I don't feel like eating the same things I’ve been eating for the past 3 days and my stomach is a bottomless pit. Possibly because I’ve now finished riding the crimson wave and when I’m on it my appetite is ziltch. Oh and if that’s TMI then too bad.... Continue Reading →

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